It’s the best time to have a vagina!

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Yes, we are all under the gun of some of the most idiotic buffoons probably in history. But this is the perfect time to speak what’s really affecting women all over the world and have a huge platform to get that message across.

I think we are all very aware that woman need to have the ability to take care of their bodies. If I have an unwanted pregnancy, be it that you waere raped by a priest, or if you’re so broke that when you were raped by some random asshole and couldn’t afford birth control to prevent the unwanted birth, or lets just say, I’m a woman that loves to have sex all the time with her husband, and that over a bottle of some expensive ass wine he forgot to pull out and we got pregnant, and lets say that for some reason I’m in my mid forties and I’m still overweight from the last pregnancy 7 years ago, I feel like this is just a little too much for me and my husband to bear and as a unit we decided not to have the child… Whatever the situation, I as a woman, who owns and cares for her vagina should be able to make the decision to abort a child if it is not something I want!
Someone out there says, “but wait what about adoption?” How about the system is full with children right now that need homes. Also if I haven’t adopted a child yet, what makes you think that I want someone else’s, or to put a child of mine in a system where they are more in danger than if I had had an abortion? That’s the part so many people don’t get. Yes there are places to adopt a child, but if you haven’t taken in a child yourself, then why are you schlepping this form of action to someone else to do? More children come out of the system so damaged. That’s another one of the reasons why people don’t want to adopt. How many people are right now doing IVF treatments? Why not force them to adopt since clearly GOD doesn’t want you to have children? No one thinks about that. Because they feel sorry for the people who usually can afford IVF treatments. mostly White couples. But if you’re a minority then you shouldn’t have many options given to you. *** I personally would never have an abortion and also wouldn’t give my child up for adoption. But when the situation of my husband and I drinking a bottle of $30 wine (so good) and getting pregnant happened, I was upset that we lost control like that, but was willing to have the children (twins). We were not financially ready for more children, we thought we were done. But Goddess clearly had other plans because she took them from us, so we didn’t have to make a decision. But if another woman needed to make that choice, I as a woman wouldn’t want her to be forced to have children that she didn’t want. It’s not fair to her or to the child.
So the point is, don’t try to take another woman’s choices away just because they aren’t the choices you would make. protesting the policies regulating a women’s body.

Women who wants to be on the right side of history are coming together to try to protect one another. We want a woman’s body to be like a temple. That is help with care and reverence. If a woman is on a date and she doesn’t want to have sex, she shouldn’t feel scared that the guy will raper her and not have to worry of his actions. Men should feel protective of another persons personal boundaries. I feel as if men have watched too many movies where a woman is raped, drugged and beaten that they think that this is somehow acceptable. Watching movies like animal house, Conan the Barbarian, and shit like that makes them feel like it’s a primal urge that they must attend too. I get role playing, it’s fun! But not the detriment to another persons feeling to be safe, or mentally healthy. So we need to make sure that laws, like the one the president just rolled back to protect women at work are put back on the books. (The president reassured us women that they aren’t saying that we are going back to the 60’s or 70’s heard it on a news outlet) So this is the time for us to take a stand against this shit. Here is something that I have been doing. I use my blood from every period to do magic spells that help women and men who are being victimized by this administration. I feel that people like Brett Kavanaugh, McConnell, all the Trumps (minus Tiffany, I don’t believe she is a POS like the rest of them) and anyone who need a person like Kavavaugh in his position of power to be removed. Anyone who can rule over a woman’s health and reproductive rights to her detriment, needs to lose their jobs. I would love to see them permanently gone, but that is not for me to say or for me to do. But something that disrupts their lives and livelihood, is for sure something I’m fine with doing. Now some may want to do magic that is a bit more dark, and that would have to be something you are ok with. We can all pray that they are removed, or we can cause them such political life altering trauma that they have to step down or go to prison. We just need their skeletons to easily fall out of their closets. I personally feel that would be the most entertaining.

So if you are a woman that still has her monthly blessing or not you can do this spell. During the waning moon you will want to capture any any blood lose. If you don’t have your period you can prick your finger, or draw your own blood, or if you cut yourself on accident you can use that blood for this. What you may not do is harm an animals for this spell. Unless like where I live we tend to have a rouge centipede come into the how or a spider then if your health is possibly compromised than that would be the only I would dispatch of a critter. I’m not PETA here but I wouldn’t want someone to harm a pet, search for a critter, or snuff out a wild animal that is not a threat to your home life, for the sake of a spell. I fortunately come across quite a few lizards, oddly birds, spiders, and other gross critters that I can use. But my favorite is using my own vaginal blood to go after those who are trying to take my vaginas rights away. Seem very Karmic. Anyway during the waning moon take the weeks worth of blood, and each time you can either squeeze the tampon, or pad in your hand and this of it as if you are squeezing them out of their jobs, or pressing them to be good, honest, or squeezing them out of their path for destruction. You should make it your own. Say some words, it does not have to rhyme, but if you can then CHECK YOU OUT!!! You can offer the blood every cell to the Goddess to help you get what you want most (this can be used for almost anything). Anyway do this with faith, and USE THAT POWERFUL energy that the body takes to create blood and make these assholes in the White House or any Political persons in power move to your will. Hopeful for the greater good.

Another spell that can help you is masturbation spells. I don’t care if you don’t pray or not. But I tend to do my masturbation spells anytime I am alone. With no one in the house but me. I was born into the Catholic faith as many of you know. I was taught to use the rosary. I use this rosary with prayers that have been altered to represent by core beliefs. Instead of the Act of contrition saying “oh God I am heartily sorry,” I replace God with Goddess. Same with the our father. Our Mother who art in heaven, the Hail Mary, you can call her any female Goddess name. I toggle between Sophia and Mary, all so if you ever noticed how a prayer that is supposed to revere Mary seems to have a few nods to God and Jesus. Like they said “this prayer to Mary seems to female throw some dick in there.” Anyway here is the prayer and you tell me if something seems to be just thrown in there.

Somehow this picture looks like a vagina with it’s folds and clitoris. Hmmm

Hail Mary

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

My revised version

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lourdes is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
Holy Mary, Mother of Gods,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. So mote it be.

Glory Be (Replace all Male references with Female)

Glory be to the Father, (Mother)
and to the Son, (Daughter)
and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
is now, and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen (So mote it be)

I do this will all my prayers. You know all prayers were more than likely all female driven until men changed it.

So while doing any of these prayer you can pleasure yourself with the best devise made for that the Magic Wand Hitachi and say your prayers or do your meditation with the focus of sending pleasure that you feel to Goddess. This is very powerful Magic. I do this usually during the full moon. But whenever I need help with something that is very important.

This is perfect, for trying to get the balance of power back into the hands of women.

Hope this helps you, and I hope you all use it to get the enemies of women out of government.

Luna Noir

Blessed Be

There are links to articles that are pretty freaking great. I used their pictures and send you there to reads some of the most inspiring articles.


No Religion Please

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I never thought that I would grow up to think that religion in itself was evil. But the more I see how religion has created more and more people to be self righteous, judgmental, and apparently all knowing, it does make me think, why why don’t people get the point of religion? Ask a religious person what God wants, and hold on to your hats, they will have an answer for you. Does God love gays? They got an answer, does God think a woman should have an abortion? Does God want minorities to cross over into America? THEY HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS! ***Disclaimer not all religious people have horrible views. Just the ones that seem to be able to organised and hold onto their guns more than most. Every time a GOP member puts a right winged judge on the court, be that supreme ,or the lower courts, or pass a bill stooping a woman from taking her health into her own hands. That’s when my blood begins to boil. The more religious views make their way into the running of our government, the more we become like other more oppressive countries, that we prided ourselves not to be like.

We are not supposed to use a persons lack of intelligence as a tool or weapon, to get people to see that they are voting against their better interests. So how can we warn them? Do they read blogs that tell them that they are being exploited? If someone tells them, if we tell these people that because of their alliance to a religious group, that they will become just like some Muslim countries that they despise, do you think they will pay more attention?

Over the past week, a young woman in Bangladesh was burned alive because she reported a headmaster of rape and instead of prosecuting him they murdered her! This country protects their religious leaders, and men in general. Because religion runs their country and is more important than one woman’s life. Do we really want that here? Does it make people feel good that tens of thousandths of children have been molested or rape by the Catholic church and that it’s pretty much OK? The priest are protected because they are in the position or are placed on a podium of reverence if not power.

All I’m saying is that religion in the wrong hands beomes sinful. It becomes dangerous, it makes people justify killing innocent women who turn to people for help. Do we want to lose commonsence, for the sake of religon? I think governement and religion are two separate corrupt institutions and when you put them together it makes a dangeous beast that only breeds more heads, that also have lower I.Q.’s, Religion is a dangerous thing when the wrong people use it to enslave people…

I want to make it clear again, that I know there are good and faithful people who follow religion, and they use their religion in a way that cares and protect all. But this article are for the obvious heathens who use their religion to incite violence and try to enslave women to what they believe.

Religious Wars

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Religious Wars

So while I was supposed to be celebrating the Spring Equinox, the Super Full Worm Moon and the magically time we are all living in, instead I allowed myself to be pulled into a debate (not really a debate you need a person with an opened mind to really debate). So I was for all intent and purposes was debating a wall. My brother who shall be know as Brick posted a Breitbart generated propaganda post. About how the New Zealand Muslim murders, by a White Terrorist Extremist AKA a syphilis infected cum squirt, were getting more attention than 120 Catholics in Nigeria. The kickers is that the dispute in Nigeria is primarily over natural resources and land usage, not Religion. But because my brother and people like him don’t read. They only have the attention span for a meme, he didn’t realize that the meme was a cobbled up patch work of partial truths. Yes Catholics have died, but they died alongside their Muslim brothers and sisters. It wasn’t a focused attack on just Catholics. Also these deaths have been ongoing since February – March 2019. Understand I am not trying to water down the atrocities of what is happening to all these innocent people. I just wanted him to see that he was emotionally being abused and used by this well crafted propaganda post. I was conveying facts where he was still stuck on why Muslims get all this media coverage when in the bible it says that the righteous will be slaughter…

My brother was willfully ignoring my posts, and what I was trying to say. To him this is all prophecy. He then went on to discuss that he is Born Again, and that he and all like him will gain access into heaven. Also I too can go there, pretty much if I stop my Witchcraft ways. Now understand my brother had his friends and followers supporting him through this Facebook exchange. There were quite a few Amens, and Preach comments for him! So him saying witchcraft was his not so subtle way of letting everyone know that I’m a Witch, and right there anything I say comes from the devil. I captured all of the correspondences because I truly wanted to make sure that 1. before he deletes everything, that I can look back and make sure I wasn’t being insulting. Well we are siblings, so yes, I was an asshole in the conversation too. So I guess I deserve the hell and fire up my ass when I die, OH SAITH THE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN!!!
My hope was to removed the religious aspect of the post and show the human loss. There have been babies killed, mothers, and fathers watching their children brutally murdered. Fuck if they are Catholic, Muslim or Atheists! People! People are being killed for some of the dumbest shit!

The reason there is so much killing is because we are all being played. The top 1% are in the position of leading our countries. If they stopped putting MONEY first before the lives of others, the death toll would drop so dramatically that the news would have to find alternative sources of entertaining their market demographics. They use the oldest tricks in the book, which is religion, class, and skin color. If you removed those three factors from the equation, the murder rate would be so low that more than likely it wouldn’t be recorded by the news affiliates. Until that people got so use to not hearing about murders, that it becomes “fashionable” to report about it.

So this conversation went on to him challenging me to win the lottery, then he will believe that witchcraft was the way. Um, I never even said it was, I just explained to him that his post about why do Muslims get media coverage and Catholics don’t was stupid! I am not trying to convert anyone to the Natural Religion or belief system. I’m just saying that what I believe, frees me up to love people as people. Not to always look at what the media or the church tells me to love or hate about other people. Now I may not understand why people are the way they are all the time. But I am willing to shut the fuck up and learn about the things I do not understand.
I was going to post all the correspondences that we had, but it’s a pain in the ass to blur out all of our names. But as people are being treated like animals in our country, separated from their children, and churches are burning all around us. I rather look for the problem of it all, and try to fix it. Church and State are supposed to be separate for a reason. It’s more as a protection for us than a punishment to keep God out of schools. But governments keep putting religion first and it’s messing up clear thinking.

People are naive, and they are being exploited. People need to wake up before we become like the countries we claim to hate. We don’t have to be pawns. It’s not about what you believe in, because if it was, then you would know that lives should matter more than religious teams and news coverage.

Luna Noir


Living With Real Magic

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So for those who have followed my journey. or are just starting to read or listen (not even sure if the podcast is still up). I have come a long way baby! I started my Witchy life deep in the hood of Detroit. Casting spells for better jobs, more money, new life, happy family, protection……. To moving to better and better places where I have gotten everything. I’ve moved quite a few places to get to where I am now (Maui Hawaii). It has not been an easy road. But it has been a very magically calculated road. I know many of you already know how to create vision boards, say daily affirmations, or meditations. But maybe you lack the missing piece that so many people don’t do at all. Have faith, trust, unwavering focus. If there is something you want you have to do these things. You need to go to bed knowing that everything that’s on your vision board is already yours. That you can close your eye and feel without a shadow of a doubt that you already have all your bills paid, even when you don’t know where or when the money is coming. You have to believe not only that it’s already yours, but that the money will be there when the time to pay everything is due (if not before). Now this isn’t like the secret (which I still use) where you just think about it and forget it. You do have to actually put some energy towards the things you want. I’ve raised the cone of power during full moons, I’ve used blood magic, and I’ve looked for jobs, and taken opportunities that I wasn’t comfortable with. Yes you have to make active moves to make some shit happen. I never wanted to move out of Michigan. My reasons were because of my family. I didn’t want to leave them. But if I hadn’t, I would not have been able to move my kids to better safer places to live. My family is content with living where they feel comfortable. They don’t want to change. They don’t think that they can do better. They don’t think that at their age they can make upgrades to life. But I had to get uncomfortable for me to feel more comfortable at home, walking in my neighborhood, or have better opportunities for employment. I had to move and feel aches and pains in my stomach, and then get use to that feeling, in order to make another step. Then get myself feeling those same butterflies that felt like disease eating away at my insides. After this began to happen more and more, I would offer those stresses and feelings to Goddess (God, Universe or whatever you connect with). This was a reoccurring thing in my life. I saw the pattern, and when I thought that I was going to try something different, sometime I would stagnate for a while, until I would remembered what worked for me. There is a rhythm to everything, that your kind of magic will show you after a while. I did notice that I felt the need to offer more and more things to Goddess, and while I waited to see what she made with those offerings, I KEPT FAITH! In the documentary the Secret there is this part that tells you that once you set and put forth an intention, you need to keep positive, and do not give up. That it’s like planting grass. You put the seed in the dirt, you cover it and then you water it. You don’t see what’s happening beneath the earth, but you know that you are doing everything you need to do to make this grow and happen. If you give up, you might be just a day away from seeing the sprouts of grass breaking through. If you give up and stop tending to the intentions you set, and if  you struggle and doubt the grass stops it’s growth, and you won’t see the prize you’ve worked so hard for. Having faith, will have you see the things you want grow. Be patient and you will see results.

You know it took 12 hard ass years to move to Maui? We wrote about it, talked about it, and wished about it. But we also gave up many times too. But once we saw the writing on the wall, we dug in our heals and started making every move, a move towards our dream of getting to Maui. Now some of you may think, you must have saved so much money to get there. Nope! The plane landed and we had $345.00. We didn’t even know if the house we were renting was a real listing, we signed a lease sent payments, checked the agency, but we’ve all heard of people who get screwed out of money. So we were nervous. Not to mention we had never set foot on the island until the day we got here. We did a facetime tour with a realtor, and the day we were flying out she was fired from her job. We were told get the key from under the frog at the front door. We prayed there was a frog, let alone an actual house for us to stay in. We had sent all of our belongings ahead, beds cars, cats, EVERYTHING!  With all this stress in play, we were and have been paycheck to paycheck. Can you imagine the stress? Can you see what I mean when I say that you need to have faith, focus, to make what you want happen?

So we’re here and this stress is a constant. Shit is expensive here! We knew this when we chose to move here. The safety our children have here, and the natural beauty, has been worth it.  So every day,  unless you are rich you live like we do. We have been here for three years. we are working hard to stay. Maui isn’t everything I thought it would be (for me especially) I still find it hard for me on a personal level. Like everyone in my family loves it here. I’m still on the fence. But I know that I wanted to be here and everything I did to get here can’t be for nothing. I did tarot, pendulums, and spirit guided connections that all told me to come here. So I’m making every effort to get my shit together and find my bliss here.  I will admit. My powers have been very weak for the first two years. It was a mother fuckers to get my focus on here. But I haven’t given up. If you want to know why I hadn’t kept up with my blog or podcast this is the reason why. Being on a island surrounded by water through my shit for a loop, plus all the other factors that I have just explained hasn’t helped. I thought that it was going to be easier for me to create and manifest here, but it has been a challenge. But I got my sea legs now and nothing is stopping me. Will I start the podcast again? Maybe. But if I do. It’s going to be as close to a live show as possible. Editing and trying to cut out my vocal fry’s and “ums,” will just have to be part of the show. I want to be of service to others, but I do have to put my husband and kids first. I also have thought of another channel (talk about that later). So for this week I am saying, keep strong, stay focused, make a vision board, burn some incense, hold on to your crystals, do whatever you know works for you, and don’t give up on it. The grass maybe just about to sprout right under your feet!

Blessing and So mote it be for your dreams


2017 Protection Spells

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Ok I know that I have been gone for so long many are still with me some have gone, and I don’t blame you if you left. But this year I am starting a bit differently. I will be posting to YouTube and Facebook, Instagram, and for if I can I will be doing another Podcast I truly kinda don’t want to do a podcast if I’m doing all this other stuff. But I guess I don’t have to do all of them every day. I would just like to be consistent, and still be able to raise my kids work and maybe squeeze in some me time. It’s one thing if this was a job and I made money from it but since it doesn’t I do have to be realistic.

So was that too long of a title? LOL Here are a few of the spells that I have been doing for the new year. Just so you know they are very easy and you can make this as hard as you want or as easy. You can use as many herbs as you want or just water and salt. Magic doesn’t have to be a huge drama. But whatever you are comfortable with, then that’s what you should do. Remember that magic feeds off of your energy and if you are feeling like this a pain in the ass then your result will SUCK!

So again here are a few of the spells. Take some sage, St. John the Conqueror powder, white sage and any other magical items that you may find in your cupboard that is for removing negativity, hexes, and evil spirits. I even use herbs that help to promote happiness, love, sexual desire, money, and relaxation. Like lavender (for relaxation), Rose petals, and Jasmine flowers for love and sexual healing and stimulation. For money Basil in the form of oil, Frankincense, and Nutmeg. I almost forgot for meditation, spirituality and visions I use spices and oils for that as well, like Sandalwood, Nag Champa and some Vervain. I may have added a pink of Salt to this as well. I put all the spices and oils in a container, bless them and then set them on a hot coal to smoke. I walk around my home, every room of the house and I think of all the things that I want to attract into the home and all the things that must leave my home. I usually keep all the doors open and the windows so that the good can come in and all that negative can leave. I also bless some water. Add salt to the water and pray over it. Asking that the Goddess bless the water and repel any and all negativity. I know I double up on that one. If you have followed my life and know my relationship with my sister you wouldn’t wonder why. Sprinkle the water in every room, even the bathroom. If there is any water left pour a line at every door entryway. If you believe in Angels then ask Archangel Michael to stand guard outside your door. If not then find your deity to stand guard. Remember that angels are non denominational so you can command then to do your bidding. Don’t be a dick about it but firmly suggest that they help you.

For the new year everyone makes resolutions, and I’ll be honest, I haven’t succeeded in one of those in a while, however I am pretty good at vision boards. The things I place on a vision board is like betting on a sure thing. We moved to Maui with my vision board. I’ll talk about that on my YouTube channel Luna Noir (still getting that up as I write this may take a minute to upload video)  and post on my facebook page which should also post to my Twitter, Instagram. Too much to write here.

Print off sigils look them up and trace them, stitch them into a pillow or a cloth, use your hands, or make sigils out of clay, the more you apply your energy the better it is for you. MEDITATE, meditate, hell daydream! Get your higher self involved however you can.

I hope this helps anyone who is trying to have a better new year. Remember, if you don’t believe in magic then why are you here, and what do you think you are? Every person is magic they just need to give themselves the time to mold their craft into the magical force that’s always been there. old-witch-postcard


Blessings and Get to living a better life


Luna Noir



How it’s going

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calm clear composed I know  its been a while but things have finally gotten stable again. I am in a good place and I’m ready to start recording again. I actually bought a great microphone and I just have to remember how to post a podcast again and then I’m back! I’m not expecting many people to still be there, however there have been so many personal responses to my inbox that those of you who are there, I’m glad to be back with you. So the short of it is. My husband found gainful employment!!! We are in a new safe car for us and the kids, and we hope to go to our first mini vacation to San Diego next month. Since we live in Arizona and still are not in the position to do a big vacation.

We will be driving to the coast and playing at the beach with the kids who have never seen the ocean in person. I plan to give an offering to the spirits of the sea as a thank you for all the blessing that I have received.  Not sure what I will be doing but you know that I will be sharing once I know. So we will have a day in the sun, and stay the  night over there and then drive back. I know there are some people who are either saying big deal, or LUCKY!!! to the big dealers, it is a big deal since not everyone can afford to ever vacation, my family being one of them.

We have never been on a vacation as a family, my last vacation I went on was cut short due to fear of dengue fever while i was pregnant with my first child (17 years ago). When we came back we both lost  our jobs because of downsizing… For those of you who are thinking we are lucky, well luck is not a factor this time. This entire year I have worked some serious candle magic practically every day for a year.

You can read below to see what my husband and I were doing. We made vision boards and positive thinking. Even when it seemed that we would be kicked out of our rental. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING was more important then being positive. It was crazy sometimes to feel happy even when we thought that we wouldn’t be able to afford milk or diapers for our youngest, we were just happy that our two teens at least went to school and could eat there. That’s how deep it got. But always some how we were able to find work (my husband did any way). The rent got paid the food was bought and the kids were always clean dressed and fed.

My message to you is stay focused, meditate however you can, do not let what looks like disaster sway you from having faith in God and Goddess. Have you ever played that game as a child where you cross your arms and fall back into someones arms? Well that’s what you do FAITH WISE. You tell your higher self, Spirit, God, Goddess, Fairies, or whatever your pray to, to catch you. That you trust that they will not let you hit the ground. You will not hit the bottom. Even if you feel the wind pass your ears and you think that in a second you will hit… Know that you are being protected. My husband for the past few months couldn’t find work here or in California like he usually did, the landlord told us that he was selling the house and that we had 2 months to find a new place. We prayed and I did a Tarot reading that said that we would be moving and finding a job.

Within 2 days we got a new job, was able to buy a car since the old one was crap, and had the money to move. We are seriously strapped  for cash right now, but we have moved, paid the rent, paid our utilities and have food and happy kids. That’s what intension, faith and focus does. You make a plan and get what you need, and in time a bit of what you want. I hope and pray you are all doing well. Sending blessing and light to you all.

For those of you who would like to listen to the podcast now, here’s the direct link to this episode:

Luna Noir

The Host of The Witches Cupboard


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Ok I knew something was going wrong when my husband accidentally broke my bottle of elderberry syrup…

I havent been sick for two years now and now I can barely speak due to a horrible sore throat. I thought that it was just allergies at first but now I can see that this is a wee bit more than just that.

So I am going to write about the podcast that I wanted to share with you this week.


Who has them? What are they? What can you gain from them?

Well I have a few of them. I have at least a 12,ooo  year old Mastodon tusk, that was fashioned into a bracelet with silver clasps (once called a slave cuff). This is one of those amulets that when you hold it you can feel the energy of the animal that use to roam the forest of their time. I will usually use this as my power bracelet when I am at family functions. As you may have read in previous podcasts, my family can sometimes be quite vicious. So I use the bracelet as a bridge to how this elefant may have once interacted with his or her family (I do feel that it was female for some reason). So I have always been pleasantly surprised at how much nicer my family have bee towards me when I use the bracelet, it’s almost like I have control over their emotions towards me. Kinda like Jasper Cullen from Twilight.

I also have a Witches ring that is made out of a 2,ooo year old bog wood from England. Now this ring is very strong with good energy but all so I have worn it during sleep and have had horrible nightmarish dreams. I’m not sure if I told you about this dream I had with the ring on. But I’m sure I said I woud. So here is that dream.

My husband and our three children are looking to get into a four bedroom apartment. When the manager sends me up to look at this apartment that just has been freed by there previous tenants. So I notice that one of the rooms was a boys nursery, perfect for my little Eros. So I’m wondering why did the couple leave all of the babies belongings, when I begin to slowly walk to this beautiful bassent that was adorned with white lace, and powder blue crocheted lace trim, it also have a kind of canopy that as I pulled it back away from the bassinet, it reviled the dead body of the boy who’s nursery i was in. He slept there peacefully. I was shocked and ran from the room. I told my husband and he began to scream at the manager of the apartment, as to what the hell was going on! The manager explained that the family were so devastated at the loss of their son that they left before they were able to have the body removed. but they were going to have him removed by days end.

Well needless to say I told my husband that I would NOT be moving into that apartment. My husband reassured me that we would not be getting that apartment and that we would find something fast, since we had to move by the end of the week. So we packed all of our belongings and packed the moving truck and when we got to the new apartment I was happy to see that we were literally at the other side of the building, to where the baby and the nursery were. We all unpacked and when I got to the room where my son Eros was to be sleeping I discovered that we were in the same apartment. We just came from the back door of the building. I was so upset and angry. I ran to my husband and he said that the body had been removed and her thought that there was no reason for us not to ge the apartment since we were in need of an apartment right away. I looked at my two older kids and asked them where their little brother was and they sai that they put him in the nursery. I LOST MY SHIT at this point. so I ran to the nursery and found my son on the floor crying. So as I picked him up I could still see the dead baby in the bassinet but this time he was possessed and writhing there in the bed. His eyes where black, and he had black lips and black dried blood coming from his mouth. I was able to somehow get my son out of there but my legs became stuck to the floor, so I was not able to move. I tried to scream but no sound came out. I looked behind me and the baby was beginning to  pull himself out of the bed and no matter how hard I tried to scream or get my husbands attention I could do nothing. I was able to knock over a broom (which usually means company is coming over to your house) and use the broom to get my husbands to check on me. He was able to drag me off to safety.  During this dream I was trying to wake up but just like the dream I was stuck. So no matter how I tried to wake I just couldn’t.

So that was my first experience with this Witches ring. But as soon as I got up that day I took the ring outside and put it in the sunshine for hours, to burn away any negative energy that may have accompanied the ring. Now I can sleep in it and not have any bad dreams.

I believe that this ring may have recorded a lot of killing. Because there is a sense of sadness, but still very positive. I do love the ring.

I also have an amulet that I made out of clay. This is by far the happiest of the three. I made it out of Sculpey Clay. I took moss green clay and fashioned it into a disk. I carved a simple O with a cross cut into the middle of it. I made it during the full moon, with the intension of finding my life calling. I will admit that it worked very well, but I will say that it has taken a long time for my amulet to CONVINCE me into believing that I can do my life calling.

So anyone can have an amulet and for sure you can make one by yourself. I was lucky to have been able to resonate with a few different kinds. But what’s important is to feel a connection. If you can have a positive experience, the better. I believe that using an amulet can heighten your power in many ways. It can help focus your energies toward your desire. It can gain even more power from positive energies surrounding you. I love how my amulets also protect me from negative energy and helps to direct my life towards my hearts desire and what is best for my life.

I do hope you all try to either find or create your own. I find that it helps fill in the cracks of a persons spells. I usually bless my amulets with smoke and during the full moon.

I just realized that the medicine I am taking is making me feel loopy. I must go now.

Bright Blessing to you all and as soon as I can I will post this podcast or a new one may God and Goddess Bless.