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Ok I knew something was going wrong when my husband accidentally broke my bottle of elderberry syrup…

I havent been sick for two years now and now I can barely speak due to a horrible sore throat. I thought that it was just allergies at first but now I can see that this is a wee bit more than just that.

So I am going to write about the podcast that I wanted to share with you this week.


Who has them? What are they? What can you gain from them?

Well I have a few of them. I have at least a 12,ooo  year old Mastodon tusk, that was fashioned into a bracelet with silver clasps (once called a slave cuff). This is one of those amulets that when you hold it you can feel the energy of the animal that use to roam the forest of their time. I will usually use this as my power bracelet when I am at family functions. As you may have read in previous podcasts, my family can sometimes be quite vicious. So I use the bracelet as a bridge to how this elefant may have once interacted with his or her family (I do feel that it was female for some reason). So I have always been pleasantly surprised at how much nicer my family have bee towards me when I use the bracelet, it’s almost like I have control over their emotions towards me. Kinda like Jasper Cullen from Twilight.

I also have a Witches ring that is made out of a 2,ooo year old bog wood from England. Now this ring is very strong with good energy but all so I have worn it during sleep and have had horrible nightmarish dreams. I’m not sure if I told you about this dream I had with the ring on. But I’m sure I said I woud. So here is that dream.

My husband and our three children are looking to get into a four bedroom apartment. When the manager sends me up to look at this apartment that just has been freed by there previous tenants. So I notice that one of the rooms was a boys nursery, perfect for my little Eros. So I’m wondering why did the couple leave all of the babies belongings, when I begin to slowly walk to this beautiful bassent that was adorned with white lace, and powder blue crocheted lace trim, it also have a kind of canopy that as I pulled it back away from the bassinet, it reviled the dead body of the boy who’s nursery i was in. He slept there peacefully. I was shocked and ran from the room. I told my husband and he began to scream at the manager of the apartment, as to what the hell was going on! The manager explained that the family were so devastated at the loss of their son that they left before they were able to have the body removed. but they were going to have him removed by days end.

Well needless to say I told my husband that I would NOT be moving into that apartment. My husband reassured me that we would not be getting that apartment and that we would find something fast, since we had to move by the end of the week. So we packed all of our belongings and packed the moving truck and when we got to the new apartment I was happy to see that we were literally at the other side of the building, to where the baby and the nursery were. We all unpacked and when I got to the room where my son Eros was to be sleeping I discovered that we were in the same apartment. We just came from the back door of the building. I was so upset and angry. I ran to my husband and he said that the body had been removed and her thought that there was no reason for us not to ge the apartment since we were in need of an apartment right away. I looked at my two older kids and asked them where their little brother was and they sai that they put him in the nursery. I LOST MY SHIT at this point. so I ran to the nursery and found my son on the floor crying. So as I picked him up I could still see the dead baby in the bassinet but this time he was possessed and writhing there in the bed. His eyes where black, and he had black lips and black dried blood coming from his mouth. I was able to somehow get my son out of there but my legs became stuck to the floor, so I was not able to move. I tried to scream but no sound came out. I looked behind me and the baby was beginning to  pull himself out of the bed and no matter how hard I tried to scream or get my husbands attention I could do nothing. I was able to knock over a broom (which usually means company is coming over to your house) and use the broom to get my husbands to check on me. He was able to drag me off to safety.  During this dream I was trying to wake up but just like the dream I was stuck. So no matter how I tried to wake I just couldn’t.

So that was my first experience with this Witches ring. But as soon as I got up that day I took the ring outside and put it in the sunshine for hours, to burn away any negative energy that may have accompanied the ring. Now I can sleep in it and not have any bad dreams.

I believe that this ring may have recorded a lot of killing. Because there is a sense of sadness, but still very positive. I do love the ring.

I also have an amulet that I made out of clay. This is by far the happiest of the three. I made it out of Sculpey Clay. I took moss green clay and fashioned it into a disk. I carved a simple O with a cross cut into the middle of it. I made it during the full moon, with the intension of finding my life calling. I will admit that it worked very well, but I will say that it has taken a long time for my amulet to CONVINCE me into believing that I can do my life calling.

So anyone can have an amulet and for sure you can make one by yourself. I was lucky to have been able to resonate with a few different kinds. But what’s important is to feel a connection. If you can have a positive experience, the better. I believe that using an amulet can heighten your power in many ways. It can help focus your energies toward your desire. It can gain even more power from positive energies surrounding you. I love how my amulets also protect me from negative energy and helps to direct my life towards my hearts desire and what is best for my life.

I do hope you all try to either find or create your own. I find that it helps fill in the cracks of a persons spells. I usually bless my amulets with smoke and during the full moon.

I just realized that the medicine I am taking is making me feel loopy. I must go now.

Bright Blessing to you all and as soon as I can I will post this podcast or a new one may God and Goddess Bless.




Angry Face

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In short I am re recording my 9th Episode. I thought that it was recording for forty-five minutes and then when I went to insert the artwork the beginning of the podcast was fine for three minutes and then DEAD AIR for the next twenty-three minutes. I am livid people!. But I am going to re-record the Episode as soon as I can get my son to sleep tonight.

Sorry Folk, I’m trying


The Candle Spell

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candle spell


This spell works very fast. I would say that if you are in need of employment use a white candle (it’s never failed me before) I know that red is use for employment, but white gives me what I need and fast. The candles I use, I get them from the grocery store. I haven’t had much time to make my own. The only thing that matters is the intent.
I usually get a candle with two wicks and I buy a candle that is in a glass jar. Before I go to bed no matter where the moon is at it’s phase, I take the candle and whisper into it.  I ask the God and Goddess to help me with my request and release it out into the universe. The candle stays lit until it naturally burns out.
It usually takes a few days to see results.
I also use a green candle for financial wishes.

So enjoy this one and let me know how well it worked for you.
Be Blessed

Setting up Podcast today :)

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Well today is very exciting since I am finally setting up my Podcast. I had recorded a few shows so I could meet the demand for upcoming Samhain. However it is unfortunate that the podcast will take up to two weeks to be reviewed by itunes 😦

I hope all goes well. There are many things that are happening right now in my life and I plan on fixing them as best as I can.

The economy has taken it’s toll on everyone and my little family coven has been truly affected. Just so you can put your life into perspective, I want to tell you a little about mine. In order for you to understand, If I can make it then anyone can. (this post will not end in me getting everything I need, buuut i think that it gives me everything that I need to make it to that point).

Both my husband and I have been living off of unemployment for a year now. We are constantly looking for jobs, internet searches and word of mouth, door to door and if you can think of it, then it has been done (even going out of the country to look for work). So we are constantly praying and putting out spells for more chances and money to come our way. The phones have yet to yield a job that can sustain a family of four, but we have not given up. Every now and again, when things have come up that is out of our control, we can say that this spell works into getting us the money that we need to keep food on the table, clothes on the kids backs,and other utilities paid (it was too late for our house to be saved, we are now in foreclosure). Even though the last bit of news may seem to be bad it is actually a blessing, for we live in a neighborhood that has been taken over by drug dealers and prostitution. I could not have imagined that I would have to deal with this type of situation, it’s truly an after school special happening outside my front door. Having to be afraid of gunfire at least 2 to 4 times in a week has taken a toll on all of us here. My children know the drill, as soon as they hear the yells from the violent neighbors, they know to run to my daughters room and hide in the closet. Wait for the gun fire to stop and then stay there till we are sure that there will not be a retaliation from the target practice that was just shot at…

So when all this is happening to us I still have the gumption to think positive and wait for God/Goddess to come to our rescue. I have found a peace that has on many occasions come over me to still pray for these dealers that put the lives of my children, husband, pets, and I in danger. I have noticed that manifesting a better life may be painfully slowly helping my life and the lives of my family. I take about 1minute and eleven seconds (powerful numbers that can be seen via the Bible and many other religious cultures) (golden opportunity number). So I take this time to think, breath, feel, and believe that my situation will change and for the better (use a white candle to help call the mind and clear the mind of all that effects it negatively White candle for hope). There are times that I feel that I’m not seeing the results I want as fast as I want, however that’s the perfect time to pray for the patients for the positive  end result. I also say this prayer at the end of the manifestation meditation. God and Goddess hear as I pray, let good fortune come our way, send us good luck and prosperity, as we seek a safe and happy life So mote it be.

While I am waiting for things to change.  I always read my own tarot cards even though many will tell you this is not a good idea, since it can be hard for some to be objective. I have been doing this so long that I know that there are always ups and downs in life and I don’t take myself so serious and I’, not oblivious to the fact that sometimes shit will happen and sometimes it’s going to be my fault. So in this way the tarot is a fantastic guide to help you in making better informed decisions. A preemptive strike if you will. to better facilitate a different outcome.  I just really try not to piss off whichever deity I am asking the question to. If you don’t like the answer don’t ask the same question again and again, hoping for a different answer. You look like an ass that way. You come to them for help then you who doesn’t have the answer second guesses a God/dess or Angel/Spirit. Not good. Take the information that you get and the part that you don’t like make changes in your life situation that will give you the outcome that you want to have a positive outcome.  To give you an idea of what I am doing different I am making the best effort I can to stay positive and not to complain so much about WHY ME! Why not you Luna. I was chosen to have this life and it’s challenges to prove that i can still make it and come out stronger in the end. So try some of the steps that I have here for you and if you need help don’t hesitate to ask. I would love to hear from you.

Blessed be

Luna Noir

Samhain Feast

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Hello everyone as I said before I would be discussing my plans for Samhain. I think first of all I should explain that I am truly a Halloween freak. Ever since I was little it has always been my favorite holiday.

I plan on making a Samhain feast my family. They will be enjoying pumpkin pancakes (final vote passed), maple bacon plus spiced coffee for the adults and hot apple cider for the kids.

The night before I will have started a crock pot of homemade chili to make a wonderful lunch for the family. Fresh fruit, and for dinner we will be having a wonderful pork roast with Irish potatoes and perhaps a side bowl of the chili with hot fresh baked cornbread. I try to make sure that all of Gaia’s bounty is present. I think that this should cover it all.

I will be doing ritual after the kids come back from trick or treating… I ‘m decorating my alter with candles with all the fall colors represented, small gourds  will outline my circle. Along with candles that represent the elements. I have this wonderful wine that I plan to use during ritual. It only comes around this time of year, but this year I will get a couple of extra bottles. Because it is so perfect when roasting meats (beef, lamb, pork, maybe even chicken). It’s called  Leelanau Witches‘ Brew (spiced wine).  did I mention it’s good?

I look forward to feeling my dearly departed pets that I have lost this year. This year was tough for the Noir family. We lost two Yorkshire Terriers, and three toads that were my sons. I felt like every month I was crying over either my pups or for my son and his toads. It very hard when you have so many pets and after having them for 8 to 14 years you begin to see how time flies. One of my youngest pups that past was only 8 years old (this was a while ago). Her name was Betty (she died of cancer). That was such a hard time for all of use. The kids were so young when this happened. The my first pup Tinkers past away from old age (three years ago) and I thought that I wouldn’t make it past the first few seconds. He was like a mini human. This pup was quiet and polite with children, adults and any kind of animals he came across. Patrick Ronald was Tinkers brother in-law. He died when I was on vacation with my father in FLorida. The kids and husband couldn’t go so I was gone and he died while I was away. My husband didn’t tell me while I was gone so when he told me that he had something to tell me, I thought that it was going to be something good. (It wasn’t) So I have never really been able to get over Patpat’s death. Then 7 months later Belle died, while my husband was away on vacation (visiting his sister), It was very sad and traumatic for me since I had always had my husband there to help me through it. But I literally held Belle as she slipped away (she was 14). SO now I have Fausto and he is our youngest (at age 12). Since Halloween is a time to be revisited and to also let go, I look forward to this Samhain  very much.

Now after the kids are nocked out… My husband and I have a personal sexual ritual that we perform ever year. Where we offer up all the pleasure that we have to God and Goddess. There are so many times when we offer up our pain and sorrow to God and Goddess and never have I heard of offering up some wonder good feelings.  try to remember to share my thanks and blessings with them since they are the reason for all of my wonderful experiences. I just know that having a  gift like making love to my husband and partner is defiantly something I want to share with God and Goddess and to also say a well earned thank you. I literally ask GOd and Goddess to be present in our ritual love making. I truly feel an even more intense sensation of self while making love to my husband, and I can feel even more sensitive then I even do normally. I can be honest in saying that orgasm  during this ritual is super crazy immense. I don’t do this ritual every time I have sex, only on special occasions. I feel that if you do it every time it cheapens the meaning behind it. I would say that I do this approximately four to six times a year.

I will leave on this note, if you want to experience wonderful mind numbing sex then ask for God and Goddess to be present. Watch how they reward you for thinking of them in your private moments with the one you love.


Blessing to you and yours this Samhain


Luna Noir


Merry Meet Welcome to my Blog

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Tools Tools Tools

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When I started out as a witch I looked for every bit of information I could get my hands on.
I thought that I needed to have knives, special cups and a load of other material that truly was not  necessary.
But I will give you a list of what most witches have. You can select what cha need.

Athame  – The athame is the traditional ritual dagger of the witch.  The athame is a tool of command, it is used to direct what power we pass through it.  used to cast circles by tracing the circumference, to charge and consecrate objects and banish negative energies.  As an elemental tools of the craft, in most traditions it is associated with the elements of Fire, in others it is associated with Air. Because of the phallic symbolism of the knife it represents male energies so it is associated  with the God.

Pentacle  – The pentacle is a traditional tool of the craft.   It is usually a round solid disc often made from stone, wood or copper.  On the disc it is engraved or painted with a five-pointed star enclosed inside a circle called the Pentagram.  The pentacle is normally the centerpiece of the altar on which objects are placed to be consecrated or charged, such things as amulets, charms and tools are placed on it.  The pentacle represents the elements of Earth and is sometimes used to summon the God and Goddesses.
Wand  – The wand is one of the prime magical tools of the witch.  Traditionally the wand is made from the wood of a sacred tree.  These include the Willow, Elder, Oak, Apple, Peach, Hazel and Cherry, and many others.  The wand is a tool of invocation, it is used to evoke the Gods, Goddesses and Spirits.  It is also used to bestow blessings, charge objects and draw down the moon during ritual.  In most traditions the wand represents the elements of Air, in others it represents the elements of Fire.

Censer  – The censor is an incense burner used to contain burning incense during ritual. The censor represents the elements of Air and is normally placed before the images of the Goddess and God on the altar.

Chalice  – The Chalice is one of the four elemental tools of witchcraft and represents the elements of Water.  It is a symbol of containment and often represents the womb of the Goddess.

The chalice can be made of any material, in times of old – Horns, Shells and Gourds were used to hold sacred liquids during ritual, and then in later times – Silver became the preferred material, having long been associated with the moon and the Goddess.  The chalice is used to hold the blessed water and wine during ritual.  It is traditional in many covens to pass the chalice around all members, who then take a drink as a token of unity.

Broom  – The broom is a ritual tool of the witch, sacred to both Goddess and the God.  The God – through its symbolic phallic shape, The Goddess – through its three-piece make up, the stick, brush and binding cord being symbolic of the triformis aspect of the Goddess.

The broom is used for a variety of purposes but most generally to purify and protect.  It is used to ritually cleanse an area before magic is performed by symbolically sweeping away negative energies. It was used to guard the home and persons within against psychic attack or evil curses.

Traditionally and perhaps the use which most people identify it with, are the old wedding ceremonies of the Gypsies and the early American slaves, where a couple leapt over the broom to ensure fertility, domestic harmony and longevity.  Today pagan hand-fasting rituals often include a broom jump.

Cauldron  – The cauldron is probably the tool most associated with witchcraft and mystery.  It is symbolic of the womb of the Goddess, and is the manifested essence of femininity and fertility.  Everything is born from the cauldron of the Goddess and afterwards everything returns back to it.  It is also symbolic of the element of water, as well as reincarnation, immortality and inspiration.

In ritual the cauldron is used as a container for making brews and potions, or to contain a small fire for use with spells.  It can also be used for scrying (divination) by filling it with water and gazing into its depths.

Bell  – The bell is a ritual tool of invocation and banishment. The bell can be rung to indicate the start of ritual and of banishing negative influences before the ritual begins.  Often it is used to invoke the Goddess during ritual, or sounded at the four quarters to call forth such spirits as the Watchtowers and the Elements.

Book of Shadows  – The Book of Shadows is the workbook of the witch.  In it is recorded: Rituals guidelines, Spells, Runes, Invocations, Rules of a particular Coven or Tradition, Symbols, Poems, Chants, and anything else of use to the witch during ritual.

When making your own Book of Shadows, use any form of blank book, but perhaps the best would be to make or buy a boom that has the right energy for you. I have several types of books that I use for different aspects of my craft. I have a beautiful moleskin black journal for my tarot ( when I was learning the tarot I wrote my interpretation of what each card meant to me thus learning their values better and feeling the energy each card contained) also a dream journal for obvious reasons and my main book of shadows that I put all of my proven spells, chants, and much more. You may want to create your Book of Shadows via your computer, saving to folders, or flash drives, it’s really up to you how you want to express yourself.

I personally don’t have everything listed. Like the athame.  I could never find one that I felt a connection to. So I have used my middle finger. Since the original use of flipping someone the bird was supposed to represent the male penis and genitalia. Since the athame is also a representation of the male genitalia we’re even. it’s all in how you think and feel about what you are doing.  (By the way i don’t flip people off anymore. I only try to use my body for good and that’s how i respect of my tools).

I do have many other tools that help me during ritual or when creating spells and they are tons of spices, herbs, resins, seeds, crystals, medallions, and oils. Depending on what the spell calls for, I use what I have on hand or can find in nature.

So what are you planning on for Samhain. My next post will have what me and my family are doing and having as our meals that day.

So till next time

Blessed Be