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Thanks Giving Soon WIll Be Here

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This coming Thanks Giving I have some things to be thankful for.

1. My husband and children are healthy

2. Everyone in the rest of my family are healthy

3. For the pain in my left side is surely going away, and besides that I am healthy

4. For now we still have a roof over our heads

5. We for now still have unemployment checks keeping the lights on and food on the table

6. That I have this computer so that I can still apply for as many new jobs that I can find

7. That I still have hope…

I am thankful for so many things that many take for granted. I still have hope that God and Goddess will see me through this trying time. I know these are the times that make a person stronger. I feel like I able to endure more then most since all this stuff has been coming into my life.

I have been praying and keeping my ongoing candle ritual going every night. So here is my blessing for all of you.

May Goddess and God keep you and yours well

may you never have a moment of pain or worry

may you always have a reason to smile and

may all the generosity you give to others come back to you 100 time more.

Not everything has to rhythm but I hope this blessing comes true for all of you

Blessed Be

Enjoy your turkey, pumpkin pies, and love from your family

Luna Noir


Witches plants

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Blessing to all

I was just checking on a couple of my plants. Trying to see what plants will be moving with the family and what plants I will have to let go with love. There are a few plants that I have that are a must for me to take with to the new house (hoping that I can find a job to get to a new house b4 being homeless in January). My most favorite plant in that my grandma sent from Puerto Rico is called the witches plant or the Hawaiian air plant. 

Obviously not native to Puerto Rico. This plant is my favorite because it is easy to grow.

In our family we wait for the the leaves to fall and then just place the fallen leaf in some soil and wait for them to grow another plant (easy right). It is believed that it is bad luck to throw away any of the leaves. But it is very good luck to give the leaves away to friends or family. So as I check on my plants I found two fallen leaves. So now I have to find a homes for them. If you want one let me know, I promise to send you one as long as you live in the U.S. since I don’t want to disrupt a foreign echo system. Just don’t post here since this is a public site. You can email me direct at so we can can the leaf to ya.

The Hawaiian Air plant is a representation of money. Just think of it as a money tree. You may meditate on each leaf representing how easy money grows in your bank account and how if shared, you are also helping those around you to be also wealthy. The plant has a wonderful

As you can read this is all about plants, that to me and many seem to be magical. Besides the Hawaiian air plant I love rue. I recently used some to cleanse my home from a spirit that was very agressive. I used it as kind of a broom.  I waved around the house, every corner and every doorway were “dusted” with a handful of the fresh leaves. Afterward I hung a small bunch over everyones beds for protection. here are the magical properties of this wonderful plant.

“RUE, also known as RUTA or RUDA, is widely held to be a Magical herb. Many people carry a pinch of RUE in a cloth bag or place it above the front door to ward off the Evil Eye and for many evil spriits. In Italy it is so highly valued for this purpose that a silver charm called Cimaruta or Sprig of Rue is worn as a protective amulet. Some folks make a tea of RUE and sprinkle it around the home for Protection or bathe in it to break spells. We are told that RUE mixed with Comfrey Root will Improve Health Matters and that RUE burned with Verbena, Mistletoe, and Benzoin can take off jinxes. Rue is also said to aid in Love Matters. Burned with Lavender Flowers and Sandalwood, it is thought to be a Lover’s Incense.

It does so much that you can’t help but love it. The fragrance is earthy and has a spicy note that some make like or truly hate so before you plant you may want to take a sniff of it before you go nuts planting. I personal love it “now”. Anything that helps me and has been a proven aid in expelling a evil spirit You learn to love…

remember to thank Gaia for all her blessings to us like the trees, flowers, grass, birds, and the bees



Pain Pain Go Away

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This witch has had it kinda rough the past couple of weeks. Having no insurance. I’ve had to rely on my holistic ingenuity to get me through these days. I woke up two weeks ago with a slight pain in my  left arm that slowly began to take over my entire left side of my body (within hours, i was immobile). I truly wasn’t trying to think about heart attacks, stroke, and other issues since not having insurance I can’t afford the bill. So I stayed calm then I  took some aspirin and when that did nothing more than irritate my stomach. I turned to massage and drinking lots of water. This was a definite aid, that helped more then anyone could ever imagine. The pain was still there but I could move…

When you massage yourself or have someone give you a massage you have to remember the massage will release lactic acid. If you do not drink plenty of water the acid will remain in the body and exacerbate the problem. Flush all the lactic acid out of the system, with good old H2O (drink @ least 2 glasses of water immediately after massage). Obviously if you truly feel like your health is in danger please make sure you go to the emergency room. I just can’t go for myself, (self sacrificing). However if you are like me and you are going to stay home and care for yourself then, massage, water, and a crystal or two can be a witches best friend.

This stone is Amazonite which helps with blockages, if you are familiar with reflexology, meridians, or charkras of the body, you may know that most pains and aliments come from your own personal turmoil that manifests in your body in deferent ways ex. pain, cancers, ulcers, rashes, weight gain to name a few. So knowing this helped me to pull out this stone. When I have pain that is intense and sudden, I know that I am in need of blockage release. I will usually take Amazonite and hold at the area of my pain. It sometimes can take about 10 to 20 minutes for the relief to begin. I like rest after the pain has subsided. If you don’t the pain will come back and linger for a while longer even days.

BTW I had this pain for two weeks before my brain finally said DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE CRYSTALS!

* Chakras – Heart ChakraThroat Chakra

Zodiac – Virgo

Planet – Uranus
Element – Earth
Typical colors – Green with cream veins.

Amazonite is a soothing stone.  It calms the brain and nervous system and aids in maintaining optimum health.  Balances the masculine and feminine energies.  Amazonite helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view.  It soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear.  Dispels negative energy, aggravation and blockages within the nervous system.  Amazonite assists in manifesting universal love.  It protects against electromagnetic pollution and absorbs microwaves. Amazonite is beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and calcium deposits.  It relieves muscle spasms.

Since I have been under a tremendous amount of stress with having to find a place to live, find jobs, insurance, children, and many other issues.  It wasn’t long before my body was going to let me know that I needed to relax. Relaxing by force is never the best way to get rid of stress.

Here is another of the stones that I have been using these past few days Green Calcite, I will be the first to tell you that it can take some time for the stones to work for you. When I first started to work with stones and crystals I had to get to know the stone first and then after a while of handling them and keeping close attention to sometime the subtle changes in mood and feeling. I would be able to rely on their power to heal me. I have been collecting and using crystals for years now. It’s great to have them when you need them, look online and see if you have a holistic store near by and pick one up and see if crystal healing is right for you.

**Green calcite is a grounding and centering stone that brings stability. It increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds. It is an excellent stone for gardening. It is also considered a stone of manifestation because of it’s ability to develop increase in all areas.

Green calcite is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities.

In the physical realm, green calcite benefits the heart, thymus, chest, shoulders, and lower lungs, heartburn, nervous tics, stammering, neurosis, arthritis and joint pain, kidney, bladder, general pain. Green calcite is also especially beneficial for healing tumors and other malignancies. It is particularly helpful with infections of the lungs, throat and sinuses. It is also used to balance and heal the endocrine system. Green calcite is also helpful for overcoming addictions and compulsive disorders. As with all calcites, green calcite is good for general health and healing, especially emotional and mental issues.

Zodiac – Virgo

Planet – Earth

Chakra – Heart

Well I am off to try to do some stretching and hopefully get a better handle on the podcast. I am also on Twitter where everyday I try to put up a spell or happy thought 🙂

Blessed Be

Good Health to you all