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Wow what news for Yule!

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Well there has been some interesting things happening to me and my household. Finally things are beginning to change as far as our situation. My husband found a full time 6 week position with the possibility of full hire. It was a huge relief to get that bit of news especially with the unemployment running out. I thought that I had got a job, however when the JOB called me, it was a call center from India that was trying to get me to sign up for something, first telling me that they had seen my resume on line (not cool). I was happy anyway to hear the phone ring. So still happy news that my husband was able to find a job although not a permanent one yet (crossing my fingers).

So as far as the huge news in Yule… We found out that after 11 years since our last child we are having a baby. What NEWS! I was asking to be blessed by God and Goddess and they have blessed me with my soon to be third child. When I have been asking for blessings, luck and prosperity I thought that it would go in a different direction. Like prosperity first so I could afford to live and take care of the children I currently have. But I think  this is one of those times that I must allow divine guidance to take hold first of my life, and everything else will come into focus later. I have not allowed myself to stress over all this stuff because I know that I am no longer in control of my life.

For some who read this post you may think it strange what I am about to say. Which is, I have been saying the rosary for several weeks now. Even before the news of my pregnancy. I find that using my original belief system (Catholicism) does help my magic to work better then without it. I believe in praying to Mary who is my Patron Goddess and offering the prayers in the rosary as a wonderful tribute to her. I know she is with me in everything that happens to me.

To add more power to your prayers to your Patron Goddess you can also use the rosary  if you’d like. I am a witch who likes to try and see how things feel before I say no. So for those who may not know how to pray a rosary here is a guideline you can use. Tweak it as you see fit to gain a better spiritual experience.

At every bead say a prayer of your choosing to your patron Goddess. The spacer bead can also have a special prayer for the elements.   I like the way this rosary looks since it represents everyone in the world. The cross can be kept as a remembrance of total sacrifice, or if you are uncomfortable with the cross you can remove it and place a Goddess charm or crystal there.

I hope you enjoy this new option and have a blessed evening.

Blessed Be

Luna Noir