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calm clear composed I know  its been a while but things have finally gotten stable again. I am in a good place and I’m ready to start recording again. I actually bought a great microphone and I just have to remember how to post a podcast again and then I’m back! I’m not expecting many people to still be there, however there have been so many personal responses to my inbox that those of you who are there, I’m glad to be back with you. So the short of it is. My husband found gainful employment!!! We are in a new safe car for us and the kids, and we hope to go to our first mini vacation to San Diego next month. Since we live in Arizona and still are not in the position to do a big vacation.

We will be driving to the coast and playing at the beach with the kids who have never seen the ocean in person. I plan to give an offering to the spirits of the sea as a thank you for all the blessing that I have received.  Not sure what I will be doing but you know that I will be sharing once I know. So we will have a day in the sun, and stay the  night over there and then drive back. I know there are some people who are either saying big deal, or LUCKY!!! to the big dealers, it is a big deal since not everyone can afford to ever vacation, my family being one of them.

We have never been on a vacation as a family, my last vacation I went on was cut short due to fear of dengue fever while i was pregnant with my first child (17 years ago). When we came back we both lost  our jobs because of downsizing… For those of you who are thinking we are lucky, well luck is not a factor this time. This entire year I have worked some serious candle magic practically every day for a year.

You can read below to see what my husband and I were doing. We made vision boards and positive thinking. Even when it seemed that we would be kicked out of our rental. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING was more important then being positive. It was crazy sometimes to feel happy even when we thought that we wouldn’t be able to afford milk or diapers for our youngest, we were just happy that our two teens at least went to school and could eat there. That’s how deep it got. But always some how we were able to find work (my husband did any way). The rent got paid the food was bought and the kids were always clean dressed and fed.

My message to you is stay focused, meditate however you can, do not let what looks like disaster sway you from having faith in God and Goddess. Have you ever played that game as a child where you cross your arms and fall back into someones arms? Well that’s what you do FAITH WISE. You tell your higher self, Spirit, God, Goddess, Fairies, or whatever your pray to, to catch you. That you trust that they will not let you hit the ground. You will not hit the bottom. Even if you feel the wind pass your ears and you think that in a second you will hit… Know that you are being protected. My husband for the past few months couldn’t find work here or in California like he usually did, the landlord told us that he was selling the house and that we had 2 months to find a new place. We prayed and I did a Tarot reading that said that we would be moving and finding a job.

Within 2 days we got a new job, was able to buy a car since the old one was crap, and had the money to move. We are seriously strapped  for cash right now, but we have moved, paid the rent, paid our utilities and have food and happy kids. That’s what intension, faith and focus does. You make a plan and get what you need, and in time a bit of what you want. I hope and pray you are all doing well. Sending blessing and light to you all.

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Wavering Faith

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Begging for God to catch me and my  family before we hit the ground.


I didn’t even check to see what the last thing was that I posted. I have just been trying to keep hope alive. May sound corny but life has taken such a turn for the worse in my life these past two years. No job for me, no insurance, no unemployment, and now I am about to be evicted from my house  in about 18 days. My husband had found a job but only for 6 weeks and now even with the money he is bringing in we have saved everything and we still have no place to go since we can’t afford anything. Credit is down the crapper and now i have to find out what to do with my pets. When times were good I thought that I would be able to afford to take care of 3 cats that I adopted from a shelter. I feel like such a failure. I have been trying to keep up the faith, and I have been, the time is getting way to close for comfort.

I have so much that is on my mind i can’t keep my thoughts straight ( can you tell by my rambling writing)? I have two children who are the best, who didn’t complain when they only got 1 gift for Christmas each. They looked at me and smiled over their gifts. not a complaint from their lips. As a matter of fact they thought of their friends who only received a pack of socks for CHristmas and how they wanted to save up their money to get them a ps3 so that at least they can share their video games with them. They said we can rent out our games to them for free. Every weekend switching the games for them. (did i mention i have the best kids on earth)?

I think i mentioned that I was with child. Great news since I know that I will have yet another child who will brighten my day… I am just a bit frustrated that I have yet to get any prenatal care. I called to get on Medicaid but was told that I have to contact a woman from Plan First (which does not provide prenatal care) so I have left messages for this woman since DHS office told me to call her and that was in December. She was on vacation and was to return on January 4th but she still hasn’t called me… DHS won’t help and every place that I have tried to get help from won’t touch me with out insurance. So I am almost 3 months along and I have no clue when I wil have care for my baby. I am trying to not cry and stress for the babys sake but it is getting harder by the minute.

I am just waiting for God to answer the many prayers that I and my kids and hubby have sent…

I could use a small miracle or an end to my misery. I just want to have a safe place to live and food on the table and healthcare for my kids and my unborn child. I could use some help.

Blessing to everyone