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Thanks Giving Soon WIll Be Here

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This coming Thanks Giving I have some things to be thankful for.

1. My husband and children are healthy

2. Everyone in the rest of my family are healthy

3. For the pain in my left side is surely going away, and besides that I am healthy

4. For now we still have a roof over our heads

5. We for now still have unemployment checks keeping the lights on and food on the table

6. That I have this computer so that I can still apply for as many new jobs that I can find

7. That I still have hope…

I am thankful for so many things that many take for granted. I still have hope that God and Goddess will see me through this trying time. I know these are the times that make a person stronger. I feel like I able to endure more then most since all this stuff has been coming into my life.

I have been praying and keeping my ongoing candle ritual going every night. So here is my blessing for all of you.

May Goddess and God keep you and yours well

may you never have a moment of pain or worry

may you always have a reason to smile and

may all the generosity you give to others come back to you 100 time more.

Not everything has to rhythm but I hope this blessing comes true for all of you

Blessed Be

Enjoy your turkey, pumpkin pies, and love from your family

Luna Noir