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2017 Protection Spells

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Ok I know that I have been gone for so long many are still with me some have gone, and I don’t blame you if you left. But this year I am starting a bit differently. I will be posting to YouTube and Facebook, Instagram, and for if I can I will be doing another Podcast I truly kinda don’t want to do a podcast if I’m doing all this other stuff. But I guess I don’t have to do all of them every day. I would just like to be consistent, and still be able to raise my kids work and maybe squeeze in some me time. It’s one thing if this was a job and I made money from it but since it doesn’t I do have to be realistic.

So was that too long of a title? LOL Here are a few of the spells that I have been doing for the new year. Just so you know they are very easy and you can make this as hard as you want or as easy. You can use as many herbs as you want or just water and salt. Magic doesn’t have to be a huge drama. But whatever you are comfortable with, then that’s what you should do. Remember that magic feeds off of your energy and if you are feeling like this a pain in the ass then your result will SUCK!

So again here are a few of the spells. Take some sage, St. John the Conqueror powder, white sage and any other magical items that you may find in your cupboard that is for removing negativity, hexes, and evil spirits. I even use herbs that help to promote happiness, love, sexual desire, money, and relaxation. Like lavender (for relaxation), Rose petals, and Jasmine flowers for love and sexual healing and stimulation. For money Basil in the form of oil, Frankincense, and Nutmeg. I almost forgot for meditation, spirituality and visions I use spices and oils for that as well, like Sandalwood, Nag Champa and some Vervain. I may have added a pink of Salt to this as well. I put all the spices and oils in a container, bless them and then set them on a hot coal to smoke. I walk around my home, every room of the house and I think of all the things that I want to attract into the home and all the things that must leave my home. I usually keep all the doors open and the windows so that the good can come in and all that negative can leave. I also bless some water. Add salt to the water and pray over it. Asking that the Goddess bless the water and repel any and all negativity. I know I double up on that one. If you have followed my life and know my relationship with my sister you wouldn’t wonder why. Sprinkle the water in every room, even the bathroom. If there is any water left pour a line at every door entryway. If you believe in Angels then ask Archangel Michael to stand guard outside your door. If not then find your deity to stand guard. Remember that angels are non denominational so you can command then to do your bidding. Don’t be a dick about it but firmly suggest that they help you.

For the new year everyone makes resolutions, and I’ll be honest, I haven’t succeeded in one of those in a while, however I am pretty good at vision boards. The things I place on a vision board is like betting on a sure thing. We moved to Maui with my vision board. I’ll talk about that on my YouTube channel Luna Noir (still getting that up as I write this may take a minute to upload video)  and post on my facebook page which should also post to my Twitter, Instagram. Too much to write here.

Print off sigils look them up and trace them, stitch them into a pillow or a cloth, use your hands, or make sigils out of clay, the more you apply your energy the better it is for you. MEDITATE, meditate, hell daydream! Get your higher self involved however you can.

I hope this helps anyone who is trying to have a better new year. Remember, if you don’t believe in magic then why are you here, and what do you think you are? Every person is magic they just need to give themselves the time to mold their craft into the magical force that’s always been there. old-witch-postcard


Blessings and Get to living a better life


Luna Noir





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Ok I knew something was going wrong when my husband accidentally broke my bottle of elderberry syrup…

I havent been sick for two years now and now I can barely speak due to a horrible sore throat. I thought that it was just allergies at first but now I can see that this is a wee bit more than just that.

So I am going to write about the podcast that I wanted to share with you this week.


Who has them? What are they? What can you gain from them?

Well I have a few of them. I have at least a 12,ooo  year old Mastodon tusk, that was fashioned into a bracelet with silver clasps (once called a slave cuff). This is one of those amulets that when you hold it you can feel the energy of the animal that use to roam the forest of their time. I will usually use this as my power bracelet when I am at family functions. As you may have read in previous podcasts, my family can sometimes be quite vicious. So I use the bracelet as a bridge to how this elefant may have once interacted with his or her family (I do feel that it was female for some reason). So I have always been pleasantly surprised at how much nicer my family have bee towards me when I use the bracelet, it’s almost like I have control over their emotions towards me. Kinda like Jasper Cullen from Twilight.

I also have a Witches ring that is made out of a 2,ooo year old bog wood from England. Now this ring is very strong with good energy but all so I have worn it during sleep and have had horrible nightmarish dreams. I’m not sure if I told you about this dream I had with the ring on. But I’m sure I said I woud. So here is that dream.

My husband and our three children are looking to get into a four bedroom apartment. When the manager sends me up to look at this apartment that just has been freed by there previous tenants. So I notice that one of the rooms was a boys nursery, perfect for my little Eros. So I’m wondering why did the couple leave all of the babies belongings, when I begin to slowly walk to this beautiful bassent that was adorned with white lace, and powder blue crocheted lace trim, it also have a kind of canopy that as I pulled it back away from the bassinet, it reviled the dead body of the boy who’s nursery i was in. He slept there peacefully. I was shocked and ran from the room. I told my husband and he began to scream at the manager of the apartment, as to what the hell was going on! The manager explained that the family were so devastated at the loss of their son that they left before they were able to have the body removed. but they were going to have him removed by days end.

Well needless to say I told my husband that I would NOT be moving into that apartment. My husband reassured me that we would not be getting that apartment and that we would find something fast, since we had to move by the end of the week. So we packed all of our belongings and packed the moving truck and when we got to the new apartment I was happy to see that we were literally at the other side of the building, to where the baby and the nursery were. We all unpacked and when I got to the room where my son Eros was to be sleeping I discovered that we were in the same apartment. We just came from the back door of the building. I was so upset and angry. I ran to my husband and he said that the body had been removed and her thought that there was no reason for us not to ge the apartment since we were in need of an apartment right away. I looked at my two older kids and asked them where their little brother was and they sai that they put him in the nursery. I LOST MY SHIT at this point. so I ran to the nursery and found my son on the floor crying. So as I picked him up I could still see the dead baby in the bassinet but this time he was possessed and writhing there in the bed. His eyes where black, and he had black lips and black dried blood coming from his mouth. I was able to somehow get my son out of there but my legs became stuck to the floor, so I was not able to move. I tried to scream but no sound came out. I looked behind me and the baby was beginning to  pull himself out of the bed and no matter how hard I tried to scream or get my husbands attention I could do nothing. I was able to knock over a broom (which usually means company is coming over to your house) and use the broom to get my husbands to check on me. He was able to drag me off to safety.  During this dream I was trying to wake up but just like the dream I was stuck. So no matter how I tried to wake I just couldn’t.

So that was my first experience with this Witches ring. But as soon as I got up that day I took the ring outside and put it in the sunshine for hours, to burn away any negative energy that may have accompanied the ring. Now I can sleep in it and not have any bad dreams.

I believe that this ring may have recorded a lot of killing. Because there is a sense of sadness, but still very positive. I do love the ring.

I also have an amulet that I made out of clay. This is by far the happiest of the three. I made it out of Sculpey Clay. I took moss green clay and fashioned it into a disk. I carved a simple O with a cross cut into the middle of it. I made it during the full moon, with the intension of finding my life calling. I will admit that it worked very well, but I will say that it has taken a long time for my amulet to CONVINCE me into believing that I can do my life calling.

So anyone can have an amulet and for sure you can make one by yourself. I was lucky to have been able to resonate with a few different kinds. But what’s important is to feel a connection. If you can have a positive experience, the better. I believe that using an amulet can heighten your power in many ways. It can help focus your energies toward your desire. It can gain even more power from positive energies surrounding you. I love how my amulets also protect me from negative energy and helps to direct my life towards my hearts desire and what is best for my life.

I do hope you all try to either find or create your own. I find that it helps fill in the cracks of a persons spells. I usually bless my amulets with smoke and during the full moon.

I just realized that the medicine I am taking is making me feel loopy. I must go now.

Bright Blessing to you all and as soon as I can I will post this podcast or a new one may God and Goddess Bless.



The Candle Spell

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candle spell


This spell works very fast. I would say that if you are in need of employment use a white candle (it’s never failed me before) I know that red is use for employment, but white gives me what I need and fast. The candles I use, I get them from the grocery store. I haven’t had much time to make my own. The only thing that matters is the intent.
I usually get a candle with two wicks and I buy a candle that is in a glass jar. Before I go to bed no matter where the moon is at it’s phase, I take the candle and whisper into it.  I ask the God and Goddess to help me with my request and release it out into the universe. The candle stays lit until it naturally burns out.
It usually takes a few days to see results.
I also use a green candle for financial wishes.

So enjoy this one and let me know how well it worked for you.
Be Blessed

Episode 8

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Episode 8

Podcast Episode 8 is up and running.
I have given a recap of my life of hell and back for the year 2012. Boy oh boy is life sometimes a bitch. But how you come out of it can make you whip your head back and think WOW I’m strong.
But it’s the magic that helped me make it through.
Thank the Goddess


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Every time you think that I’ve over come a hurdle the universe tries to put larger ones in front. My husband is about to be let go from his job out here in Arizona. Him working 72 hour weeks is just not enough he has been told. That’s a shame since that is all that he was willing to give. You see my husband would love to be able to give up more of his time for this job, but that would mean that he would not be home to see his two kids or his wife. The company is going to help him find a new position since as the district manager said “i feel responsible for bringing you and your family out here”. That was nice of him. (no sarcasm). So the four of us are out here,with one quiet old mini van with no air conditioning and about to have no job. There is no family out here for any of us to call on for help. Am I upset? Nope, am I worried?  I was for about 1/2 a day ( i’ve had this knowledge for about a week). Do I have hope? OH GODDESS and GOD YES! Why? Because they have never let me truly hit rock bottom. Even those times that I screamed out WHY HAVE YOU TAKEN MY BABY ! They have never let me hit the ground. My husband has even begun to truly use his abilities to manifest change, he calls on God and Goddess for help and his angels too. My kids are also working with the universe and their angels. With friends like these helping us what  do we have to fear? Nothing. BTW I must say that I’m lucky to have a husband who tries  to help his family have a better life, but isn’t willing to do destroy our family with a job that would only hurt us with out his presence here. We are very close and being here these three months and only getting to see our dad and husband for maybe an hour or two a day was so hard. We want more money, but not at the expense of loosing our relationship with each other.

Just so you know, I have been trying to get my podcast up and running and I’m sorry about the delay. Since we moved I first needed the computer to be unpacked and then my motivation has been in question. Now my husband tells me that I need a something for my iMac computer that will aid in me uploading since I had been uploading with my old PC before (still in a box somewhere). So with all this new job searching going on, I am stuck with blogging for the moment. I will have a back log of podcasts since I am continuing  to record shows. So I wager that when I do get this situation rectified, I will flood the podcast air ways with some of the most riveting shows known to man (see how flexible I am, I can even reach to kiss my own ass).

Till then I will beat down the lower energies with a mighty stick. Tell them to bite my ample ass and leave me and others who want peace in their lives the hell alone. My readings that I have given for myself have told me of this change that was about to happen, but me being such a pompous ass thought that it may have been wrong. Well I won’t do that again.  I think that’s why I should have some one give me my readings, since the ego plays such a role in how a person wants to believe in what the Oracles are trying to tell a person. 











Well I’m about to record another podcast. Please if you would like to help, ask your devine deities to help with my situation as well, make sure there is some prayer to the podcast fairy to help me also upload my shows. I not will turn away  any positive help. In my life.

Thank you and Be Blessed

Luna Noir TWC

Affirmation: I see my life with all that I need, all that I want and as much as God, Goddess, and my devine Angles feel I deserve. and so it is.


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It has been a bit since I have posted, and with good reason. My life as you all may have read has not gone as smoothly as I think it could have. I always recap for those who may be finding this blog for the first time.

After getting done with a chapter 13 to save house, a month later I lose my job 2 weeks B4 Christmas/Yule. On my birthday a month later (for the second time in our marriage) my husband loses his job. We try to save house with unemployment (and can’t). We find out we are pregnant (excitement and more stress). Unemployment runs out for the two of us. No insurance.  We lose house.

Not the house but lets pretend 

Luckily my husband finds some freelance work to get us into a rental house,  (Loved that house) freelance has helped us to pay rent for 6months in advance. We lose the baby (crushing). Depression begins. Work dries up. Time goes bye, trying to find work.  We Don’t have next months rent, 20 days before rent is due I fall back on every part of my religious background, (I’m what I like to call the witch with a twist)

St. Joseph

So I call and pray to God and Goddess, Jesus and Mary, St. Joseph (patron saint who helps husbands find work to support their family) Angels. I go online and look for the angel who helps find work for folks (Archangel Chamuel is the guy for this) . I’m looking for a job as well as the hubs, and once I applied all the aspects of my knowledge in religion and “The Secret” Wicca, and  I now have unwavering faith. I lit candles and burned incense EVERYTHING.   Phone starts to ring. Mind you we have about $180 to our name. People that my husband tried to work for, for the past year and a half start to call. He goes on interviews and one by one each job falls through. My husband is seriously stressed I finally get him on board to pray to St. Joseph and to the Archangel Chamuel, he does, he also takes the crystals that attracts peace and relieves stress. The the phone rings for a person that my husband interviewed with in Canada in the fall. This person was not able to hire my husband because the position hadn’t opened up and then the position was terminated. This person calls and tells my husband that they gave his name to a coworker in Southfield in Michigan 20 minutes from out house tell them about how wonderful my husband would be for a job that they had opening soon there. Well she mentioned that she had told them about my husband about a month ago and just wondered if they ever called. My husband sadly didn’t get that call. The person tells my husband that he bound to  find work and to have faith,  bye. Just as that person is getting off the phone his phone rings and it the Southfield office, saying that about a month ago they received this gleaming referral regarding him and they wanted him to come in tomorrow for an interview. They loved him!!! They tell my husband that he needs to interview with like 5 other people to get the job. STRESS for hubby, Not for me. I tell him don’t worry it will be OK.  He does all 4  interviews they all give him the green light and then the last guy. Some guy in Arizona (WTH) He’s the last of the interviewers and we have to wait a week to talk to him via internet face time interview… Now we have about two weeks to go before we have to tell the owners of the house that we will not be living there anymore and to keep out first, last months rent Blah blah blah. My husband has the interview and the guys says No.

I want you to work for me here in Arizona…

That he would pay my husband more than he would make in Michigan and that he will also make a salary and commission. He flies my husband out for two weeks of training and then the other shoe dropped. The company WILL NOT pay for our relocation. We now have about $20 at least with me. because my husband didn’t have money for food out there in Arizona while in training. So now I FREAKED THE HECK OUT!!! We have a job with no way to get there. practically everyone in our families have lost their jobs or were about to. So my husband asks for some divine guidance. He get’s it in the way of an idea to get a Chipin account. It’s an account where your friends,  family anyone who wants to can help you but seeing your goal and then contributing to it. believe me it worked. Some people chip in $5.00 some $300. We needed $6,500. for truck rental and gas for truck and the car that I would be driving in. We’ll two days before we were to leave to Arizona we got all the money we needed through the help of family and friends. We got here with only $121 left to spare. Since we didn’t have any money we also included the rent for the house that we needed to have in order to have a place to live when we got here to Arizona.

So we’ve been hear and it’s been a month. We are not homeless and we are happy.

It was a crazy adventure but it wasn’t over yet. I will be posting the craziest thing that happened to us once we got here. You are going to find out why I’ve had so much bad luck and what I am doing now to fix it.

Thanks for reading, I still have to unpack a few things still, so the podcast version of this will be up in about a week.


Luna Noir

Breathing easier

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Since last I wrote I have begun to breath easier. I went to the OB’s office and had a check up. Everything looks good they said. There is no reason why I can’t get pregnant again the doctor told my husband and I.

However they would like us to wait until the fall to start trying. Well I’ll leave the planning to God/dess to tell me when the right time is.

The doctor was able to tell me what had happend with my baby. Basically she had a chromosome count of 96 which we are supposed to have 46 (i think that’s correct). So I was told that it wasn’t anything that I did or could have  done to keep my baby. Since now I know that the baby was a girl. I can now give her a name other than Blueberry I introduce you to my daughter Elizabeth. I feel a bit better to know that there was a reason for the loss. I don’t think that I could have been able to live with out a reason. When you can see that you weren’t the cause of the loss you still hurt but at least you stop blaming yourself every time you think of the baby.

I finally was able to post the last podcast which correlates to my last post. I thought that I could get through it without crying but that was to much to ask. I didn’t really edit the show because it was very hard to again relive the entire experience. The  reason why I wrote and told of my story was because I wanted to help others and also to help myself by getting some of the hurt energy and feelings out. Also if I got a few of you to pray for me and others like me then I think having to tell the story was worth it.

So now I can tell you that I have done quite of bit of healing. Not complet but using our faith I have been able to cry and get strength from the Goddess. knowing that she could feel my pain as a woman and from God knowing that he is there for me as my father.

Some of what I have been doing is listening to tranquil music. Using incense to induce relaxation. Not fighting the feelings to cry but letting it out as they come. Talking to people who love me (which makes me cry some of the time). Plus looking forward to the future has been HUGE for me. I would like too have another baby but I’m ok with waiting till God and Goddess thinks it’s the best time for me.  I’m 37 so time is an issue but at the same time if I don’t have another, I will be ok. I have two wonderful kids that are healthy and that’s all i can ask for.

***TMI= A friend of mine who also had a miscarriage asked me if I was having sex yet, and at first I wasn’t sure if I was going to answer her, but I flet like I knew that she must have had a reason for asking. So I did tell her that yes I was and that I had waited the allotted time the doctor recommended. She had her miscarriage a long time ago. About a year and she still felt awkward when she was with her husband. She said she felt like she was not supposed to feel that kind of happiness when she was still grieving for the loss of her baby. She still wants to have a child badly but she says she doesn’t want to stop thinking about the baby she lost… I only told her that she didn’t have to feel like she was abandoning her memory to her baby by moving forward with her life. Plus i also let her know that having relations with your husband is a good thing. That having that intimacy is also a bonding for the both of you that can only strengthen your relationship. Not to mention, I ask her if she had  thought about how her husband felt about how their sex life was going… She apparently had a conversation with him about it and come to find out that he began to feel as if he was somehow being blamed for what happened with the baby, or that she thought that he blamed her for the loss (neither was the case). Since she was closing herself off to him he felt life their relationship was at an end. Glad we had that talk.

My husband was quick to let me know that although he was devastated that Blueberry was gone, he didn’t want me to think that I was to blame and he also wanted me to know that we will be having another baby.. That made me feel good to know that he still wanted me. So the lovings have commenced and it has made us closer to have gone through such a horrific situation and are still able to  share a wonderful moment of love together.

Blessed be

Luna Noir